This is the blog for the Einstein Toolkit ( The Einstein Toolkit is developing and supporting a set of open computational tools for relativistic astrophysics to enable new science, broaden our community, facilitate interdisciplinary research, and take advantage of emerging petascale computers and advanced cyberinfrastructure. We are using Blogger, which requires a google account to post or comment. Anyone can comment, but if you want to post to the Einstein Toolkit blog please request access from the maintainers.

21 April 2010

Community Documentation Experiment

Colby set up a wiki for us to use for documentation at The hope is that this will gradually get filled out by those of us using the toolkit, and it will be a better way to keep the documentation up to date. Also, it might help target the documentation on what is really wanted, rather than trying to guess what would be useful.

At the moment people need to get a login with us to edit the wiki. We also wanted to have a more anonymous and easy-to-use login, but are we still arguing about what this should look like and if we will get immediately vandalized.

14 April 2010

Scientific Software Ecosystems

Part of our challenge with the Einstein Toolkit is how to implement the right strategies in our community to create and share software. iSGTW reports on a recent workshop on this topic, and their main findings seem very relevant.

01 April 2010


Spent a little time uploading some of Werner's images to the Einstein Toolkit page on Flickr: Aiming to try and collect up sample images from the different groups using the Einstein Toolkit here, I think this can be done either by having people send me the images to upload, or I can link to them in their own accounts.