This is the blog for the Einstein Toolkit ( The Einstein Toolkit is developing and supporting a set of open computational tools for relativistic astrophysics to enable new science, broaden our community, facilitate interdisciplinary research, and take advantage of emerging petascale computers and advanced cyberinfrastructure. We are using Blogger, which requires a google account to post or comment. Anyone can comment, but if you want to post to the Einstein Toolkit blog please request access from the maintainers.

21 March 2010

Number of Lines of Code

I ran Cloc on the Einstein Toolkit to count how many code lines there were. This ignores CCL, par, tex, data and other files it doesn't know about. It comes up with just over 400,000.

Einstein Toolkit on NMI Test & Build

Erik added the Einstein Toolkit to the NMI Test & Build facility, he had to use an unpleasant hack to get around our SVN certificate issues at the moment.

15 March 2010

Einstein Toolkit pages go live

We've been working on the web pages for the last weeks and today we removed the password protection since they are getting closer to a finished state and we want to get more feedback. The main things still to do are to move Cactus thorns around before finalizing the Einstein Toolkit thornlist and finish the quick start guide that describes how to run a couple of examples in a hopefully foolproof way.